Breakfast of the Champions

Breakfast - Udo's Oil Blend

Porridge oats with mixed berries & Udo’s Oil Blend

Breakfast is the most important meal for most of the people – especially for sporty and active people. You need the fuel for your workout, for your busy day ahead. But you also need good and balanced breakfast to recover from your workout or busy day!

There are so many things you can have for breakfast – just use your imagination! But most importantly – stick to the basics – healthy, balanced food which you will enjoy and its not hard to prepare as you do not want spend cooking for hours in the morning…

For me its porridge oats on most of my morning days – I like to cook my oats with water and add some mixed berries or banana, raisins, good quality whey protein, honey and Udo’s Oil blend with some cocoa powder or cinnamon.

Ingredients and recipe:

100g oats, 100g mixed berries, 40g raisins, 1 scoop of organic whey protein, 2tbsp of Udo’s Oil Blend, 1tbsp honey, cinnamon or cocoa to taste

I put oats and raisins into bowl, cover with boiling water and after 10 minutes or so I will add whey protein, berries, honey, cinnamon or cocoa powder and Udo’s Oil.

It is very simple, fast, healthy and super tasty!