Digestive Enzymes

How to avoid bloating in these simple steps:

Three main factors which will lead to bloating are consuming allergens, eating too much of the same protein based foods and not getting enough fibrous vegetables. Of course there can be other factors too; however these are the three main reasons that cause bloating over and over again.


  1. Physical check up

One of the fastest ways to fix a problem with your gut is to get a complete test done by a specialist to find out any allergens or sensitivities you may suffer from.


  1. Food variety

Make sure that you will get your protein from at least 3 to 5 special sources to ensure that you’re not over eating the same protein based food. When you eat diets which consist mainly of chicken, this will lead to food sensitivities over time. So the best thing is to eat different kind of protein base food every day.


  1. Vegetables and fruit

When it comes to vegetables many people don`t eat enough and therefore their fiber intake isn’t adequate. Having a great range of fibrous vegetables will improve your health and it will also help your gut and digestion. You can choose different colors of your vegetables and fruit every day so your plate will look like a rainbow.

Digestive Enzymes Udo`s Choice
Digestive Enzymes Udo`s Choice
Digestive Enzymes Udo`s Choice
Digestive Enzymes Udo`s Choice

Digestive Enzyme Blend from Udo’s Choice is a vegetarian blend of seven plant based enzymes that have been made especially to refuel your enzyme stores. This highly effective powerful formula offers full, effective digestion and improved nutrient absorption allowing you to enjoy your food once again.

Digestive Enzymes from Udo`s Choice work in a wide pH range, not like most of the other enzyme products,  allowing them to function very effectively throughout the all digestive tract to help with breaking down the food.

I recommend to take them especially during cold winter months with your food every day. I am sure that not only athletes and very active and fit people will benefit from them but anybody who is serious about their health and fitness or someone who seeks how to improve their digestion.


Martin Petro WNBF Pro