Healthy skin with Udo`s Choice

In summer during the hottest sunny days skin advice tends to be focused on the sunscreen using highest UV protection to protect against excessive sun rays and the threat of skin cancer. Few people close to me have had a skin cancer and I’m not suggesting taking any risks.

People who love sun and like to tan daily will age faster than someone who is not taking the sun; however I do not recommend avoid sun completely due to sunshine’s vital link with vitamin D.

I recommend around fifteen minutes of sun without protection and it should be at a sensible time of the day to prevent against the risk of vitamin D deficiency.

Those who are at risk of vitamin D deficiency include all pregnant and breastfeeding women, children younger than five, older people aged 65 or older, those with low or no exposure to the sun and people with darker skin. If you are not sure, speak to your doctor about it.

But summer skin is not only about taking some vitamin D. From a nutritionist’s point of view, we are missing a lot by focusing only on the outside.

If we want to protect the skin it has to be also with help from the inside. It is happening inside our bodies that the impact of free radicals from sun damages that attack collagen and speed our aging process. And that’s where a good intake of antioxidants comes to play. It is as important as your sun block protection in my opinion.

Keeping elasticity of our skin youthful, peachy might be a nutritional myth but nevertheless some key ingredients can help any age of skin.

Healthy skin with Udo`s Oil Blend
Healthy skin with Udo`s Oil Blend

Both vitamin C and vitamin E provide us with protection from free radical damage and are relatively easy to find, either in foods (fresh fruit and vegetables) or in supplement form. If you are in need of a plant power boost, try Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens. Add a scoop into a smoothie or protein shake and you will be nicely surprise how great it tastes. Soon also in our Czech Udo`s Choice e-shop!

Essential fatty acids Omega 3 from oily fish like wild Alaskan salmon or plant-based oils such as hemp or flaxseed oil are another natural remedy for irritated or dry skin. Eat your fatty fish like wild Alaskan salmon or trout at least three times a week to get all these essential fatty acids or make sure that you have another source of these all important oils. Udo’s Choice Oil Blend is my favourite and is an ideal for salads, smoothies, protein shakes or my morning oatmeal. I start my morning with Udo`s Oil Blend every day and love it.

My last advice for better and healthier skin is to drink enough water during the day, especially in the summer or in the countries where is warm weather all year round. So if you are looking a bit more wrinkled that may just mean that you need more water.  Drinking around two to three litres a day is a good rule to adopt. Of course for athletes or special group of people it might be even more.


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