Udo`s Choice Digestive Enzymes

Udo`s Choice Digestive Enzymes

Udo`s Choice Digestive Enzyme Range contains plant based enzymes to help the breakdown of fats, carbohydrates, soluble fiber, starch, milk sugar and complex sugars aiding healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. They do this by providing enzyme activity combinations which are perfectly balanced to optimize the body’s absorption and use of food nutrients.

Udo`s Choice
Udo`s Choice Digestive Enzymes

The Power of Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are like scissors that cut up the foods we eat into basic building blocks that our body then absorbs and uses to build cells, tissues, organs, glands and entire body systems. Without enzymes, we could not exist. Our bodies’ reactions would be too slow for life to be possible. The human body makes and uses more than 3,000 kinds of enzymes that initiate or speed up chemical reactions.

Why Choose Enzymes?


  • Caffeine, alcohol, illness, pregnancy and stress all take their toll on our enzyme reserves
  • Our bodies produce fewer enzymes as we get older
  • Modern diets don’t contain as much enzyme containing raw foods as they once did
  • Today`s food processing techniques and cooking destroy almost 100% of naturally occurring enzymes
  • Raw foods may not contain as many enzymes as they should due to environmental factors, depleted soil and preservation techniques


All this puts a stress on the digestive system and can lead to incomplete digestion. Sustaining our enzyme levels helps to ensure an efficient digestive system, allowing nutrients to be readily absorbed for utilisation by the body.

The stomach bloat

Udo`s Choice Digestive Enzymes can help beat that heavy, sluggish, after meal feeling. This carefully designed formula aids the digestion of foods, leaving you free to enjoy your favorite meals again.

Even if you are enjoying a lot of different variety of foods I would highly recommend you to take your Udo`s Choice digestive enzymes to ensure that your body is functioning as it should be.

Martin Petro