Breakfast with Udo’s Oil

Breakfast with Udo's Oil

You know saying „You are what you eat“ or „Breakfast is the most important meal of the day“.

I listened to this from my parents through my childhood and it stuck with me until these days. I can only say – thank you!

For all of you guys who know me – you know that Udo’s Oil Blend is part of my life for almost twelve years now. It all started back in UK in 2008 when I won my first contest in Natural bodybuilding as Novice competitor and except big trophy – i got 500ml bottle of Udo’s Oil Blend Omega 3-6-9. I didn’t know what is it but studied all the information very carefully at home.

Fast forward to present day – I am still using Udo’s Oil blend every single day. As my father would say – Breakfast is the most important meal – it will start your day and your metabolism. I use Udo’s Oil mainly with my breakfast – on most days it is organic porridge with organic grass-fed whey protein, 2 TBSP Udo’s Oil Blend Omega 3-6-9, honey, raisins, banana, cocoa powder, ashwagandha powder. If I don’t have my porridge for breakfast I would have eggs and toast with avocado and Udo’s Oil on top of that with some tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber.

On weekends I have sometimes organic home made pancakes made of oats or barley or mix of both – with plum jam, natural yogurt, fresh pineapple or berries. it is as simple as that.

I am currently writing my new book The Way of Slovakian Warrior – there will be plenty of stories from my early life, before i started competing, behind scenes, my first contest, winning the World Championships, winning British title, Pro card etc., lot of tips on training and diet. I will keep you posted but the book should be ready before Christmas.

Martin Petro

Wnbf Pro & World Champion