Flora’s probiotics

Flora’s probiotics are microscopic workhorses for your whole digestive tract.


Fora's probiotics
Fora’s probiotics

Support digestive and immune health

Promote regularity

Discourage overgrowth of bad bacteria, yeast, and other micro-organisms

Support the health of the intestinal lining

Support healthy cholesterol levels by breaking down and excreting bile acids

Bifidobacteria can help to synthesize B vitamins in the gut


Our line of Flora’s probiotics includes:

Super 8 plus Probiotics

Super 5 plus Lozenge Probiotics

Super Adult Probiotics

Super Advanced Adult Probiotics

Super Children’s Probiotics

Super Toddler’s Probiotics


Our Flora’s probiotic strains are chosen because they are:

Human-adapted – they’ll stick around a while instead of just passing on through



Bile and gastric acid-resistant – no enteric coating required.

We test for and guarantee a minimum potency at both manufacture and time of expiry.

We don’t use any gimmicky pinch of prebiotics powder in our formulas. The best prebiotics to encourage probiotic growth are likely already in your diet: fiber; seaweeds; fruits and vegetables like bananas, avocados, artichoke and asparagus; and starchy, tuberous vegetables like yams and cassava are best. But anything with fiber and starch works!

What makes Flora’s probiotics shelf-stable?

Higher overage – an excess or surplus of probiotics in order to guarantee label-claimed amounts at expiry

The strain combination of the formula – they get along with each other

The excipient system – more “non-medicinal” ingredients that support stability and potency

An extra drying step when they are made – probiotics and moisture don’t mix well outside of the body

They  have a two-year shelf life and come in convenient  packs ideal for travel.

The packaging also provides perfect protection from the world outside—air, moisture, light, etc.—until they are ready to start their journey and wake up from their dormant state for what’s really an ancient symbiotic relationship.

Probiotics are living things. There are actually more bacterial cells in us than human cells! Put the good ones to work for you. We could all use a little replenishment from time to time, especially when you are travelling and want all your systems in top shape. Whether you’re packing your bags for a road trip, a cruise, an all-inclusive vacation, or even a hospital stay, there is a formula that will support you.