Flora & Udo's Choice


Flora & Udo's Choice

Chances are, like most of society in the 21st century, you’re simply too busy. Finding time for the things (like running) that need to get done is hard to do, let alone your own personal time.

If you’re a runner or fitness enthusiast like me, making time to squeeze in the miles or workout can be challenging. But we all know that it makes us happier and healthier. Plus, it’s an essential part of working towards time and distance goals.

Running and diet

I suggest you wake up early enough to have breakfast and coffee before you workout or go running. I find that granola or oatmeal is great breakfast idea together with some fruit, protein and Udo’s Oil Blend Omega 3+6+9.

This winter has been particularly rough. I’m in Prague where it is well below freezing and snowing, so I like to keep a box of Flora herbal tea and a jar of manuka honey at my desk all day. I find a hot cup of tea with honey is the perfect way to warm up.

I also always pack some homemade mix nuts and fruit with me made of almonds, cashews, raisins, goji berries, and Flora Baobites. It’s a perfect snack.

So get out there and enjoy running or workout. Summer is almost here and there are no more excuses. With the right essentials like healthy food and supplements you can’t go wrong.

Flora and Udo’s Choice

I am grateful that Flora is behind my back – knowing that I can use one of the best products on the market today it is peace on my mind that I can perform the best I can be. Doesn’t matter if it is running or fitness training, I always make sure that I will do my absolute best.

My motto: Be the best you can be.